Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shopping in Souks!

Shopping in Morocco is awesome, especially for people who love home stuff. 
They are all about colors and patterns and intricate details. Sure, some of them have quality that are not up to par but for the price attached to it, it's all pretty good. 

The price of course depends on how good you are at bargaining. I was told by a friend that I should go as low as 50% off....but I did much better than that.

We went to about 3-4 souks but I think that all you need to go to is the one in Marrakech. As I said, price is not cheaper elsewhere, it's really how you make "tawad".

I wish I had bought these lantern but the metal is very thin and I was afraid it would dent inside my luggage. 

So many bowls and plates that would make any table look festive. 

They have all the spices you can ask for. 

When we got to the carpet warehouse, I wasn't really planning to buy any but I asked how much one out of curiosity. 

ME: How much is this one?
SELLER: It's only 1500 durham
ME: Oh it's too much. 
SELLER: How much do you want it for?
(I really had no plans on getting any)
ME: 800
SELLER: Oh no, that's too low, sorry. 
ME: Ok, thank you anyway. 
SELLER: Ok Ok, you choose what you want. 
ME: Huh?????

So now, I have a carpet, still rolled up, waiting for the right place. 

I would so totally go back to do more shopping. 

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