Friday, March 7, 2014

Tradition Well Served.

An event that's likely never to be forgotten was held at The Peninsula Manila last week. 

Half of the lobby was closed and welcomed special friends of the hotel. The moment you step out of your car, you know that the evening will be full of wonderful surprises. 

I have said this before but I will say it again, when The Peninsula throws a party, there's nothing more you want than to be invited. 

As the guests arrived, you will have an assortment of happy liquid to choose from. Of course, I chose only the best, Moet and Chandon. 

Here's a beautiful display and a hint of what the night will be like. 

Behind these doors is something that made everyone go ooooohhh and ahhhhhhh. 

To the right, page girls all lined up with a tray of popcorn. 

By the center, more Moet and Chandon! 

And instead of having it in a glass, miniature bottles with a straw was being given out. I don't think I have ever watched a movie with this much class. 

To the left of the foyer, the cutest candy cart. 

It's cupcake and candy all you want.

It doesn't stop there. As soon as you get into the ballroom, a cinema unlike any other. 

When the guests took their seats, the program started with a speech by General Manager, Sonja Vodusek. 

The 45 minute documentary about the past, present and future of The Peninsula Manila was shown. I will try my best to load it up and show you on my next post. 

It was back to delicious treats after the movie. 

I am so very proud of the team that made this such a successful event. Makes me so happy that I am part of the Peninsula Family. 

Stephanie Chong and your bloggerina. 

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