Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Canton Road for Valerie.

Ever since Canton Road in Shangri-la at the Fort opened, I have not heard too many good reviews about it so I haven't made an effort to dine there or to bring the Dizon clan over. 

When Val told me that she was going to celebrate her birthday dinner there and was asking me for help with the menu, I told her that I couldn't assist because I have never tried the restaurant. 

When we got there, the place is quite beautiful. We were situated in a private room where we can make all sorts of green jokes.

We had about 9-10 dishes and I can honestly say that it isn't bad at all. Since it was pre-ordered, we were served quite quickly but I wish it came out hotter. 

Found the pork too sweet. Too much sugar that when it got cold, the pork stuck to the plate like it was glued. 

This was delicious, I just hope there's a better way to make it look less scary. 

Overall, I must say that I wasn't disappointed. But as always, the company is always the best part. 
Thank you Valerie for having me. Happy Birthday! Love you.

Canton Road
Shangri-la at the Fort

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