Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Busy Birthday Bash, Part 1.

July is usually a very busy month for me. Aside from 5 family members celebrating their birthdays, including myself, we have our annual jewelry show that we prepare months ahead for. Late nights, early mornings and lots of eating in between. 

Gone were the days when I would organize a huge party to celebrate my birthday. Nowadays, it's a small and intimate breakfast, lunch or dinner for this old lady. 

Started last week when I arranged a dinner with my Donas namely Macky Fah, Venisse Hermano and Joanna Cabangon. We had it in my newest favorite hang out (mainly because it is a 3-minute walk from home), Pablo. They also serve delicious food and service is great. 

Thanks to Booky, I was able to get this free dessert!!! 

Love you Donas! 

The next day, Bea Ledesma, Dennis and I had dinner at Kai where Bea treated me to yummy Japanese food!! 

Thank you for dinner B!!!!

Afterwards, we watched Ghostbusters. Bea taught me that my fingers don't have to get oily when eating butter popcorn! Ask for gloves! 

This celebration was followed by a breakfast date with Dennis Lustico, Ivar Aseron and Robby Carmona at Escolta of The Pen. 

Thank you to my Peninsula Manila family for the cake!

On the eve of my birthday, I celebrated it at home with family, potluck junk food style. 


S and R pizza




On the day itself, I had no plans. I thought it would be a lazy day wherein I can just stay in bed the entire day but I was surprised by dinner prepared by Ginny and K. Cedric. 

Melissa and Apollo sent me this!! Heaven!!!

There's more but I can't really flood this post with too much food. Just looking at it is making my tummy growl. 

So far, it has been a very fun-filled birthday, thanks to my dear friends and family. 

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